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About The Company

At H2 Express, we strive to provide consulting services that remove bureaucratic burdens, and help you run your business more smoothly and efficiently. Our customers have said they are grateful that H2 Express can handle the movement of papers and resolve the challenges that arise during the process. A few companies have used our consulting service to develop new products and have done well.

Who We Are

Steven McKay is the official consultant for the company. He holds his Master’s of Science degree in Pomology, and undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees in International agricultural and Entomology. He won the top US agri-science teacher award in 1986, and worked on development projects in Micronesia, and the Caribbean. Steven is fluent in Spanish, and has worked most recently on projects with elderberry in Guatemala and Mexico to improve human health and provide local business opportunities for returning H2 workers. Steven has 35 years of experience in International Agricultural Development. Work has been focused on sustainable agricultural production and value-added products. Fruits and vegetables are his main areas of expertise including temperate and tropical environments.

Our Values:

H2 Express wants to be involved with businesses that have good human relations and employ sustainable practices. Any development work done by us reflects those two values.

What We Do:

H2 Express Incorporated has over 20 years of experience in processing paperwork for temporary work visas. We annually help over 100 companies to complete the necessary paperwork for H2 visas. They are normally repeat customers with needs varying from 1 to 150+ workers. The company also has helped to develop agricultural production and processing enterprises for about 35 years. We have completed other types of paperwork for our own farm and other five local companies in areas such as GAPS (Good Agricultural Practices), organic certifications, and WPS (Worker Protection Safety) evaluation and implementation we have also developed agricultural production and processing businesses in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Contact Us For :

    • Collection:H2A and H2B visa Paperwork.
    • Collection:Resource evaluation and choosing and establishing agricultural production and processing projects suited to a domestic or international site.
    • Collection:Help with completing paperwork such as GAPS, WPS, and organic certification.

Agricultural Consulting:

Visioning: Assistance In Selecting And Developing New Domestic or International Agricultural Production or Processing Projects

Often folks with little or no experience in agriculture purchase a property that either has an existing enterprise, or nothing on it. We are skilled at evaluating existing resources and environmental conditions, and suggesting potential viable, sustainable production and processing projects. We can help in the development of both domestic and international projects.

Contact us to do a site evaluation and to evaluate your existing or potential project.

Assisting With Compliance Paperwork

Sometimes paperwork can become overwhelming to figure out or to have enough time to complete. We can take over and complete the paperwork for you, or can assist you through the process so that you can learn how to do the work. Examples include: GAPS, Good Agricultural Practices; organic certification; WPS Worker Protection Safety, labor records, posting requirements. Consulting rate is $125 per hour plus transportation to site.

Mission: H2 Express will provide service to efficiently process H2 applications so that companies can have quality labor arrive and remain working as needed. Consulting services help businesses develop and implement sustainable plans. H2 Express completes paperwork such as GAPS, WPS, and organic certification.

Vision: H2 Express recognizes the importance of having efficient, productive labor to effectively run a business. Enterprises need to follow sustainable business practices (product development, production, and marketing) and be environmentally sustainable.

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